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Eggfood for Tropical Birds


CéDé mix for tropical birds is a breeding and condition food for seed-eating tropical birds. It has been carefully composed of various animal proteins (including egg protein and dried insects), all necessary vitamins and minerals and a selection of seeds, geared to the preference of these bird species. After the breeding period, seed-eating tropical birds do not like to take soft food to the same extent as usual. Therefore, the intake is stimulated by adding seeds such as Senegalese millet seed, poppy seed and perilla.

The addition of essential amino acids promotes the moult.

Loose with a few drops of water, germinated seeds … – Rest Period: 2 to 3 times a week ¼ part of the daily ration ® Cede egg food supply. – Breeding Period: daily, if possible 2 to 3 times daily as needed ® Cede egg food business.

From eating independently, ¼ of the daily ration ® Cede egg food supply. – Moulting period: ¼ of the daily ration ® Cede egg food supply. To increase the proportion of animal protein in the ration may increase ® Cede egg food with exotic Cede ® Mix Protein and / or Cede ® Insect Enter supplemented. Dry and cool place.
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