Vesele-Laga Can-Tax 50g (red colorant)


Versele-Laga Can-Tax Red Canary Feather Colourant – Caged Bird

• Red Feather Colourant
• Based on Canthaxanthine
• Colours Red Canaries
• Intensifies the Red Colour in Other Birds
• Ensures a Beautiful Even Red Colour

Versele-LagaOropharma Can-Tax is a red colourant based on canthaxanthine. It colours red canaries, intensifies the red colour in other birds and ensures a beautiful even red colour.
As feathers consist of dead cells and are consequently not fed by the metabolism, they absorb the colour when they are formed. On average, the plumage is changed once a year, however not in one go. The moulting of the old feathers is stimulated by the formation of new ones and this is a gradual process so that the bird keeps a full plumage. When adding Versele-Laga Can-Tax to the food canthaxanthine is transported to the place where the feather is growing and it is given the more intense red colour. Beta-apo-8′-carotenal ensures even better absorption of canthaxanthine. The feather formed retains its colour until the formation of a new feather.

1 level measure (=1g) per 100g ORLUX egg food or per 200 ml of drinking water. During the breeding season: 2 weeks before laying the first egg. During moulting: Daily for the entire period. Show birds: Daily all year round. Doubling the dose in recommended during the moult

Canthaxanthine, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal, Vitamin E, E 124, Iron oxide, BHT

– tube of 20gr

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