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Prowins White Plus, 100% natural pigment that intensifies the white color of the feathers.

What is White Plus

White Plus is a 100% natural Pigment, that intensifies the white color of the feathers, both in white canaries and in red mosaics.

How and when should we give White Plus

White Plus must be mixed in the breeding stock, 15gr of product per kg of eggfood. Depending on the type of bird, the mode of use varies:

• In White Canaries: administer White Plus from mating until the end of the molt.
• In Red Mosaic: we will administer it from mating until 7 weeks after the birth of the chicks. Next we must apply a red dye such as Color Red, Beaphar Bogena Intensif or similar.

What benefits do we get with Prowins White Plus

Using White Plus we will obtain a clean, intense and bright white.

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